California Here I Come!

Actually, California here I am, as I landed just hours ago. Now I am sitting at my friend Ann Manheimer’s dining room table, writing this and gazing at an incredible view of the San Francisco bay. (Thanks, Ann, for the cool digs!)
Tomorrow I visit The Girls’ Middle School in Mountain View. The library is run by the ever fabulous Walter Mayes, aka Walter the Giant Storyteller. Years and years ago (about nine, to be precise) Walter read my first horrific attempt at a novel. That attempt eventually became The Curse of Addy McMahon. I can’t wait for this visit because it feels like coming full circle, and especially because a bunch of the girls at Walter’s school read my book prior to it coming out and when I heard they loved it, it sent me soaring, so I feel particularly indebted to them. I’m doing an “autobiogra-strip” workshop after my presentation where I’ll teach them to write and draw so they can tell the story of their own lives in a comic.
Thursday at 9am I am being interviewed by a bunch of kids for their school site. It should be a lot of fun. I’ll link to it after they have it up.
I’m also doing a chat on June 9 at 7pm EDT, so 4pm PDT on How it works is you go to and click on the link that takes you to the YA chat room. The chat room should load, you put in your name and hit enter and you’ll be in the chat.
Oh! And on June 2 I’ll be appearing at Adventures For Kids in Ventura, Ca. so if you know ANYONE in the area, please let them know!

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