How to Make a Blog Tour Easy

What do you need to do to make a tour easy?

You pave the way for your hosts. When you do a blog tour, make sure you make it worthwhile for them. How-to-make-a-blog-tour-easyHere is what I included in my tour packet for each host. And to make sure reciprocity will zing along easily, every host will, I hope, list the tour schedule, so everyone will get exposure on each participating blog.
I zipped the three images referred to below in a file with this note:
Here is everything you might need or want to create the post for my blog tour. THANK YOU!
•    To grab content or learn from the press release:
•    To link to my site:
•    If you want to do a giveaway the prize is a free PDF download of the book
•    Links to buy for kindle, nook, or iPad:
•    Enclosed in this file is a jpg of the book cover, my bio shot, and header
•    Awesome quotes from readers (and 2 big editors!) are below

My Blog Tour Schedule

Feb 1 – E is for Book
Feb 2 – Banana Peel Thursday
Feb 3 – Creative Spaces
Feb 6 –
Feb 7 – Writing With a Broken Tusk
Feb 8 – Shutta Crum
Feb 9 – McBookWords
Feb 10 – Kerem Erkan
Feb 16 –Elizabeth O. Dulemba
Feb 17 – Fiction Notes
March 1 – 12×12 in 2012
March 2 – Christine Fonseca, Author
Here are quotes from readers:
Katie Davis has done an excellent job with this helpful book – including interviews with and examples from loads of children’s book professionals – and it ought to prove a helpful, timely marketing tool for children’s book creators! As a children’s book editorial and publishing consultant, I’ll definitely be recommending this eBook to my clients.
Emma D Dryden
children’s editorial & publishing consultant, drydenbks LLC
Picture book writers looking to chart a course through the publicity maze should check out  Katie Davis’s e-book How to Promote Your Children’s Book: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets to Create a Bestseller. Katie covers everything an author might need. She provides an overview of the options and gives step by step guidance about  where to begin and how to continue. She’s enthusiastic and experienced and her message is clear: you CAN do this – and have fun at the same time. Packed with resources, samples and examples, and saturated with Katie’s warmth and enthusiasm, this book could save your promotional life.
Simone Kaplan
picture book editor, consultant, coach
“…this one publication is better than every other article I have read on promotion…EVERY other thing….I joined all the organizations  and have researched lots of sites on writing children’s lit and promotion in particular, but your book covered it better than all the others…plus I loved all the links. Thanks for such an in-depth, yet easy to understand book. Bless your heart Katie Davis.”
Sharon Stanley
aspiring author
How do you keep your children’s book from drowning in the “sea of books” published every year? In her book, How to Promote Your Children’s Book, Author/Illustrator Katie Davis has put together many “tips, tricks, and secrets” in a helpful, informative, and entertaining way. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting innovative ideas for promoting a new book.
Ruth Sanderson
Katie Davis is my hero! How to Promote Your Children’s Book is an amazing reference that no author should be without. Katie cuts through the hype, confusion and fear of self-promotion with sound advice, practical application and a ton of how-to resources. Her tone is down-to-earth as she generously shares what she knows, shows what works and what doesn’t and encourages us to shine with easy-to-complete homework tasks. Above all, she reminds us to keep our marketing real and to genuinely connect with our readers – something she has elevated to an art form!
Lisa Tiffin
freelance writer

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