Party Report

The party was fantastic! There were tons of people there and they all bought stacks and stacks of books. The staff at Bank Street was fabulous, helping me set up the Plates of Appeasements I brought. Just like in the book, they were filled with all the major food groups: Oreos, gummy worms, and cookie dough (actually Cookie Dough Bites candy for this purpose!) You can’t really tell from this picture, but I hot-glued roses in mini bouquets, and curled sparkly pipe cleaners as “posts” for the sign,

which read, (in Addy’s handwriting, of course!) “Plate of Appeasement”. I also had a PoA for cheese and crackers, even though they’re not in the major food groups.

Here I am with my brilliant editor, Steve Geck, and my fab-u agent, Elizabeth Harding.
We had a little playlet to lead into the reading, which was really fun! I got three real, live, sixth grade girls, just like in the book (yes, my characters are alive to me!) and they begged “Addy” to see her autobiogra-strip. She taught them how to say it properly. Here they are at the after-party:
Then I read from the giant blow-ups of the first autobiogra-strip in the book, and continued with the rest of the first chapter. It was so exciting! (yes, I was a tad over-dressed, but hey, after nine years of living in pjs and wearing no makeup, I thought, “I’m going to wear a Dress).

Toward the end, we also had a prize drawing…
And lots of guest stars, like…
Alvina Ling, a Little Brown editor, and Betsy Bird, Librarian Extraordinaire (can you believe I didn’t get a picture of her? I’m so mad! I forgot all kinds of pictures, so I’m making due). I also didn’t get a shot of a few other lovely librarians who came, including the fab-u Judith Rovenger, and the wonderful designer of my cover, Victoria Jamieson and Barbara Trueson, who also works at Greenwillow and a WHOLE BUNCH of other authors and illustrators. I didn’t even get a shot of a pile of my books, a sight which always thrills me. Hey, I’m easily thrilled, what can I say?
See you soon,

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  • Katie Davis
    May 6, 2008 - 9:59 am · Reply

    Thanks, both of you! Anyone who has read the book will appreciate those PoA, right, Chelsea? 😎

    Tarie, I really appreciate your comment – I am not a high heel girl normally, but it was REALLY fun to dress up for my book’s launch.


  • Vicki
    May 6, 2008 - 3:02 pm · Reply

    I must say, the party was a smashing success, Katie! I had a lot of fun. And thanks for linking to my blog above!

    PS- I, too, especially enjoyed the PoA!

  • lookbooks
    May 8, 2008 - 3:31 am · Reply

    How the heck did I miss this post?!?! The party looks amazing. I wish that I could have been there. You look great! Totally not what I expected! Betsy Bird was there? You are insanely lucky. She’s fabulous.

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