QR Code King: Blog Tour Stop

I love Kerem Erkan’s QR code generator…please visit his blog today to see what he has to offer, and check out my guest post. Kind of cool, considering he’s the only one on the tour who isn’t in the children’s publishing field!

Blog Tour Schedule

Feb 1 – E is for Book
Feb 2 – Banana Peel Thursday
Feb 3 – Creative Spaces
Feb 6 – DearEditor.com
Feb 7 – Writing With a Broken Tusk
Feb 8 – Shutta Crum
Feb 9 – McBookWords
Feb 10 – Kerem Erkan
Feb 16 –Elizabeth O. Dulemba
Feb 17 – Fiction Notes
March 1 – 12×12 in 2012
March 2 – Christine Fonseca, Author

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