Savannah Children's Book Festival

Where do I begin? Okay, I’ll start at the very beginning. That’s a very good place to start.

Let’s move on to the night I finally arrived at the Low Country Boil that the library throws for everyone the night before the festival.


A Low Country Boil is a meal (with an unfortunate name) from the south where everything is boiled in one pot: potatoes, crawdads, shrimp and a bunch of other goodies. I gorged myself on the shrimp, which were the best I’ve eaten, having soaked up all the flavor of the other ingredients. Heaven!

Above are the people in line, happily loading their plates.
And here are Joe Davich, of the Georgia Center for the Book and illustrator and writer, Elizabeth Dulemba. We hung out all night and had a blast. I wish I’d gotten pictures of everyone, like the fabulous librarian who I only know as Bea! If you read this, Bea, email me!
There were lots of talented people there, like Michele Knudsen (Library Lion) and Charles Ghigna, aka Father Goose and his wife, Deborah (in the middle).

And here we all are, about to haz down the boil (see what I mean about the unfortunate name?)
Elizabeth gave me permission to steal–um, be inspired–by her brilliant idea of posting a new activity or coloring page every week. I am unofficially announcing my new Freebie Fridays which will be available through my non-flash site, but I’ll do a bigger announcement on my official blogging day, Wednesday.
The next day, Saturday, we were all picked up at the hotel by the many fabulous volunteers that make the festival possible, along with the wonderful organizers, headed by Janet Langford and Christian Kruse. They were so kind to invite me for a third year in a row!

I did two presentations, and
during one,

got a few great shots of some adorable volunteers.


At the very end of the day, after the

gigantic downpour that drove a bazillion people into my tent, I hung out with Jennifer Pena, aka Miss Rosa. Here she is, gratefully hugging Janet Langford for a fabulous festival!
And lastly, just to prove that authors and illustrators really lead a double life as mad partiers, here is the damning photo!
Across from me is Devon, from PBS marketing, then Joe Davitch, then David Biedrzycki and I can’t see after that, but I think it’s Mikki Knudsen. Elizabeth was sitting down there too, then on my side, in the back is Deborah and Charles Ghigna, then Mike Thaler (Black Lagood series, ie The Librarian from the Black Lagoon), Miss Rosa, Donald Crews (who’s a kick-in-the-pants!) then lil ‘ole me.

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  • kborn
    November 18, 2008 - 6:50 am · Reply

    Sounds like a lot of fun. I enjoy reading your blog as an author…us parents that have children, nephews, cousins (aka “like me”) forget that there’s a whole other world to the authors’ lives!

    And I think I’ve sworn to try to stay as far away from LGA as possible for the rest of my life. I think it’s the only place I hate! I’d rather go through another c-section than go back to LGA…esp with a baby!!

    But that’s besides the point. I enjoy reading your blog, although rarely have time to comment.

  • Katie Davis
    November 19, 2008 - 6:47 am · Reply

    Thank you for telling me you read me. It always feels like I’m writing just for the fun of it, so it’s nice to know I do have readers!

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