New web site on the way!

I am SO excited, but also having guilt. No, make that Guilt. I haven’t blogged, and have barely tweeted lately because I’m working so concentratedly on designing my new site. It won’t be in flash the way my present site is, because I can’t update my flash site. It’ll still be up, though how my web guy will do that, I have no idea!

I’ve also bought some great podcasting equipment and plan on putting out my first podcast with superior audio to what I’ve been doing. I don’t want to make my listeners’ ears bleed, after all, and the audio over BlogTalkRadio just isn’t up to my standards.

More soon, I promise! Maybe even today…

OH, and how cool is it that I’m about to have an app for my podcast, too?! VERY cool! To me, at least.

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