Thank You Notes Are SO Appreciated!

I have to say, I had a Take5 Marketing Tip from Dianne de las Casas, and followed that up with a video FAQ on thank you notes, but receiving them is a wonder. I urge you to make someone feel fabulous by sending a thank you after a book signing, festival, or just a dinner. Boy, does it feel great.
Here are some lovely ones I’ve just received. I thank you all for sending them! First the BEST EVER, from third graders I Skyped with in Wisconsin on World Read Aloud Day and they inspired this video (see more images below)!

A mysterious package!
A mysterious package!

I open the box to find...
I open the box to find...

And inside were...
And inside were...

And another lovely, heartfelt thank you that I SO appreciated….
Congratulations to you and your husband on the birth of Little Chicken! I adore the book trailer. Soon I hope to read the book!
Visiting your website today I could not help but be impressed by the seriousness, quality and energy of all that you have done and continue to do. I never quite got what you were doing before, but I think I do now. I think you understand a lot about children’s books and where they are headed. And in addition, that knowledge positively informs and impacts your work. And you are doing fine work.
Michelle Edwards
This one was sent from my “contact Katie” form on this site, and this kind of thank you is why I do what I do:
How did you hear about Katie?
checked out Kindergarten Rocks from the library
I just want to tell Katie this…
THANK YOU for writing Kindergarten Rocks. My son who will be 5 next month was so scared of going to kindergarten that he cried throughout the registration process. After reading your book, he’s very excited to start school in the fall. Thank you for making this an easier transition for us as a family!
Wendy Smith-Wilczynski

Thank you all for the thank yous!


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