"All Writers Should Be Using This Tool"

If an editor told you, “All writers should be using this tool!” wouldn’t you use that tool?

Editor Emma Dryden, Founder of drydenbks, LLC and former Publisher of Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division said that about this ebook guide:

I’ll give you a free copy.

Join my new launch team and you’ll learn from my example as I published the jam-packed second edition of the guide I wrote all about how to promote your children’s book. All team members get it FREE before it goes on sale on Amazon for $14.99! 
It’s crammed with all I learned from the years of promoting and marketing eight picture books and one novel I published through Harcourt, Simon & Schuster, and HarperCollins. Oh, and did I mention there’re something like 70 contributors, too?
I’m forming this launch team now. I’m cutting membership off at 150 members or March 8, whichever comes first. 
Click here to sign up.
Team members will be entered in raffles for

ALL Team members will be invited to

  • the live Q&A with BlueSlip Media on publicity: What To Do and How To Do It
  • a live Q&A for artists of all kinds, but especially for illustrators: Learning How to Sell More Art Online with Cory Huff, The Abundant Artist
  • the two scheduled live Q&As I will host, as well as any others I decide to add as events warrant
  • be a part of the Wattpad promotion I’ll be doing for my young adult novel, Dancing With the Devil (Diversion Books) and be able to read it free there, too. You can see how that works, and decide if something like that will work for your books, too.

Click here to sign up.

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