Podcast #40 – Feature Animation Producer Jerry Davis: His First Book

I’m unreasonably excited about today’s podcast because my collaborator on Little Chicken’s Big Day, also known as my husband, Jerry Davis, is my guest! Little Chicken's Big Day

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    In this episode you will hear us talk about

    • the genesis of the book
    • Iron Giant, Robots, Ice Age and other flicks Jerry worked on
    • how we came up with the trailer
    • what it was like to work with the diabolically clever Gretchen Hirsch
    • our big fight
    • the series of drawings and sweepstakes we’re having to celebrate (see blow for more info for Week One: I Hear You Squawkin!)


    Jerry being interviewed for Robots

    Jerry Davis

    Robots Premiere
    L-R Greg Couch, Peter de Seve, Ewan McGregor, William Joyce, Jerry


    Little Chicken’s Big Day Release Sweepstakes!

    Help celebrate the arrival of our little hatchling

    From April 19 through May 17, I’ll be running one sweepstakes per week. (I’ll send you a note each week filling you in on the details, then I’ll go back to my once-a-month newsletter.) And everyone who enters throughout the four weeks will be eligible to win in the big drawing at the end of the four weeks! Holy cow! Um. I mean Holy Chicken!

    Squawkin' Sweepstakes

    Week 1: The Book Trailer Word of Mouth Sweepstakes

    Win a Little Chicken’s Big Day onesie, plus a signed copy of Little Chicken’s Big Day! Three easy ways to enter! Just share this link by either:Little Chicken's Big Day Onesie

    • Posting it on your Facebook wall, tagged* with “Katie Davis Books”
    • Tweeting the link to the video with the hashtag #littlechickensbigday
    • Or… send me your chicken pictures! They can be drawings or photos of people or fowl doing (preferably) funny things! Email them to me.

    The deadline is April 25, 1:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time either way, so get clucking!

    Go to katiedavis.com on April 26th, where I’ll post a video of the winner being drawn. We’ll also announce the next sweespstakes that day, so you won’t have to be so sad if you didn’t win the first. All entrants will automatically be entered to win a grand prize to be announced on May 20th! Boring legal junk to come
    *Just write @katiedavisbooks it’ll link to here: Katie Davis Books. NOTE: You have to “like” my business page to be able to tag me.

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    • Eti
      April 25, 2011 - 4:13 pm · Reply

      I loved listening to this podcast – and hearing the lovely banter between you two about the genesis of Little Chicken’s Big Day. I’m so excited to go out and buy it. As for the last line revision, I have to tell you that I got chills (and a little teary, to tell you the truth) when the mother validates the little chicken at the end. There is something so sweet and meaningful about that moment that really resonates and says so much about good caregiver-child relationships. So kudos for the change.
      As for the SeaWorld story, it reminded me of my own traumatic experience at SeaWorld as a child (let’s just say Shamu and I had an altercation) and like you, I will not be returning.

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