4th of July Eats!

4th of July picnic
My contributions: the strawbs & salad

National pride. But also fireworks, friends, family and food is what I think of when I think 4th of July! I LOVE this holiday. We live near a small CT town on the Long Island Sound where there is a concert on the green every year. Sadly, since the 4th of July is a Wednesday this year, they held the concert on June 30 (whaaat?)
Through Pinterest I found the recipe (not to mention the idea) of the strawberries in the foreground and let me tell you, they were not as easy to make as I thought they’d be! (Click on the images above to get to my Pinterest page where you’ll find the recipes)
The white chocolate kept hardening up if I melted it one second too long. They did NOT look like the gorgeous Pinterest pic, but no one else knew that but me. (Shh. Don’t tell them).
I also made the salad there. It was an awesome evening, and I even burn a sparkler on my iPhone (there’s an app for that).
sparkler app
There’s an app for that

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  • Julie Falatko
    July 3, 2012 - 6:30 am · Reply

    My mission for the day is to not let my kids see those strawberries, lest I spend the entire day tomorrow making those. They look amazing! And like a total PITA to make. Salad looks much easier, though. Might make something like that.
    Though I think my time might be better spent convincing Dave to make his famous black-eyed-pea salsa.
    You see why we’re friends? Because the holidays are all about food for me too!

  • katie
    July 3, 2012 - 7:49 am · Reply

    LOL! Actually, the kids would have a blast and you could do a whole chemistry lesson around why the heck the chocolate (which isn’t chocolate at all, since white chocolate isn’t) is unusable when it’s heated for one second too long, regardless whether it’s stove top double boiler or microwave, both of which I tried!

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