In Which I Interview Ferrets

Today I have an interview with Fudge and Einstein, the two main characters in Karen Rostoker-Gruber’s latest book, Ferret Fun, which in its simplest form, is about bullying.  It tackles a tough subject in an easy-to-read, comic-style format.
So, Fudge and Einstein, tell me a little bit about your story.
Einstein:  Well, we were just hanging out in our hammocks when Andrea, our owner, came into our room and surprised us with visitor named Marvel.
Fudge: And what a visitor she was.
Einstein: We are not fond of cats.
I’m guessing Marvel is a cat?
Einstein: Yes! Marvel’s owner was away.  Our Andrea was watching her for the week. And we were stuck with a cat guest.
Sounds like something happened?
Einstein: Well, Marvel had never met ferrets before and she thought we were rats.
Fudge: We are not rats!
Einstein: And she wanted to EAT us!
Fudge: . . .with a side order of milk.
Ew! What did you do?
Einstein: We tried to tell her that we weren’t rats . .
Fudge:. . .but she didn’t listen.
Einstein: She kept teasing us and bullying us.
Fudge: We hated it!
Einstein: She even opened up our cage, put her paw in . . .
Einstein: Well, we don’t wanna ruin it for the readers, but let’s just say that we concocted a plan that would scare the hairballs out of her.
Sounds like a great idea.  Hey, is there something that teachers and/or parents can use to help talk about bullying with their students or children?
Einstein: Yes, in fact there are bullying worksheets right here.
Fudge: Don’t forget the coloring pages right here! I wanna color now!
Einstein:  Me too.  Hey, Katie, do you have any markers?
Fudge: Do you have any markers that smell like raisins?
Sorry guys. I’m all out of food scented markers. But wait a sec. Wasn’t Ferret Fun  named a top 100 book of 2010 by BER (Bureau of Education and Research) and it also received a starred review from School Library Journal, right?
Einstein: Yep!
Well, thanks for coming by, and watch out for Marvel-ous cats.
Fudge: That wasn’t funny, Katie.
Einstein: Not a bit.

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