Mango Mixup

Cute DogSee that cute dog over there? That’s our dog Mango. This story is all his fault.
I had no focus yesterday and I felt like a big fat liar after  yesterday’s post. Finally I smacked myself around and settled in and worked.  I was writing. I was focusing. I’m talking laser focus.
I was hungry after a bit, and as I re-read what I’d written, I reached to my right where I keep my favorite dried fruit treat, coincidentally called mango.  My hand reached out and both Mango’s Beggin’ Strips and Katie’s bag o’ mango fell and spilled everywhere.
Mango and Beggin' Strips
I absentmindedly picked them up, distracted by my rewrite. I then reached for one last piece of mango and popped it in my mouth. I will tell you, those Beggin’ Strips really do taste like bacon.

Beggin' Strips
Do a texture test!

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