Summer is Over. Admit it, Katie

People always tell me they picture me as a writing, speaking, conferencing, selling and publishing whirlwind of activity. And I think that about other people.

I’m a very slow writer. Freakishly slow (to me). The Curse of Addy McMahon took me 9 years. Dancing with the Devil (my YA WIP) has been a WIP since 2004 and is JUST NOW closing in on being really good.

I do have lots of balls in the air all the time. I like the excitement and lure of different projects. Here is what I’m in the midst of at any one time in the next few months…
Things that occupy my mind and time, in this order but obviously not importance (since I include loved ones!):

Section 1:
designing iPhone app for one of my books
designing video game for same
find coders and take bids for above
Section 2:
last rewrite of my YA WIP
first draft of a MG novel

first draft of a secret project

Section 3:
Clean up studio. Truly, it’s a Hurricane Wreck
Section 4:
exercise/cook food/eat candy/family/kids/homework/friends/don’t yell at my kids
Section 5:
my newsletter/TV appearances/add a blogtalkradio component to this mix
Section 6:
school visits/conference appearances/video chats
Section 7:
thought process recycles with random other stuff I have forgotten here….


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