Two Word Summary of Most Important Thing

I recently received this in my email box. I’d love to hear what other people would have answered. The name of this teacher has been X-ed out to protect her privacy. Otherwise, it’s verbatim.

Dear Ms. Davis,
My name is XXX and I teach 5th and 6th grade Language Arts in a small town in XXX.  I just finished a graduate class on the 4mat system that focus on a more concept-driven philosophy.  As an author, I was hoping that you could summarize writing and the whole publishing process into one or two words.  What do you think is most important?
Thank you for your time,

Hard and rewarding
Fun and frustrating
Scary and exciting
Satisfying and compelling
Companionable and inclusive
Joyful and devastating
Angst ridden
Creative and inspiring

Last but not least, and despite being three words instead of two, entirely necessary to be able to have any of the above:

Butt in Chair!

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