What Happened at The Happening

The theater charged us a whopping $3.00 extra per ticket – $9 bucks extra – because we had to choose our seats in advance for that showing. They forced us – if we wanted to see that show, we had to choose our seats in advance and for that they charge the extra dough. Ridiculous.

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  • Katie Davis
    June 16, 2008 - 4:17 am · Reply

    It’s so subjective. Being an author, I know! But we did think it was severely flawed. Spoiler alert! (Scroll for spoiler)

    For example, John Leguizamo decides he’s going to go find his wife in Princeton, New Jersey, where the toxin is causing everyone to walk off buildings and stab themselves in the neck with knitting needles and other lovely kinds of suicide. Of course he’ll have to leave his eight-year-old daughter with his friends. My husband and I turned to each other almost simultaneously and said, “You’d be on your own in Jersey.”

    What parent would leave their small child in a situation like that?

    With that and other choices, yes, I’d say we were disappointed in the director’s choices.

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