Our 101 Favorite Children’s Books of the Year Part 1

Brain Burps About Books Podcast #206

Our 101 Favorite Children’s Books of the Year Part 1

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This Week’s Guests are

Matthew Winner
Cynthia Alaniz
Matthew Winner of The Busy Librarian and the Let’s Get Busy Podcast with Cynthia Alaniz of Librarian in Cute Shoes & Contributor at the Nerdy Book Club.

Matthew, Cynthia, and I talk about
  • Their favorite books of 2014.
  • 50 books this week and 51 books (including their #1 picks!) next week.
  • All books are in alphabetical order so we can spread the book love.
  • Getting a downloadable PDF of the books HERE for you to take to your local independent bookseller and get your favorites!

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A Home for Mr. Emerson A Snicker of Magic A Splash of Red

Anna and Solomon 2014-12-07_14-05-38
Bad Bye Good Bye Beetle Busters Best Book in the World Bird and Squirrel on Ice
 Brother Hugo and the Bear Chasing Cheetahs Comics Squad Recess Coming HomeConstruction Creature Features Dory Fantasmagory DrawDruthers El Deafo Elizabeth Queen of the Seas Firefly July Flashlight Flora and the Penguin Fly Away Following Papas Song Frank Gaijin Gaston Ghosts of Tupelo Landing Gigantosaurus Grandfather Gandhi Green is a Chile Pepper Greenglass House Half a Chance Have You Heard The Nesting Bird Have You Seen My Dragon Henny Hidden Hooray for Hat Hug Machine Ivan Josephine Kid Sheriff and the Terrible Toads Leroy Ninker Saddles Up Little Elliot Big City Louise Loves Art Lowriders in Space Maddy Kettle
Download a PDF list of all these books here: Top 101 Children Books 2014 – The First 50

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  • Salina Yoon
    December 6, 2014 - 3:00 am · Reply

    I love this list!!! GREAT list, and so many friends on it, too… like Elizabeth Rose Stanton, Deborah Underwood, Kelly J. Light, Steve Light, James Burks, Molly Schaar Idle, Brian Won, and so much more! <3

    • Katie
      December 7, 2014 - 2:14 pm · Reply

      Thanks, Salina! Your comment’s appreciated! I just put up a book trailer I made for Laurie Keller’s Arnie the Doughnut, which had the wrong cover (the one up had been for the picture book, not the illustrated novel mentioned in the podcast), so if you want to see the video, it’s up now. 😎

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