Top 3 Reasons I LOVE Being a Writer Entrepreneur

Writers. Aren’t we the lucky ones? I think so. Here are my own

Top 3 reasons I LOVE being a writer entrepreneur:

1. I am my own boss.
I make the calls. I do the things I love (and some things that have to get done whether I like them or not). When something’s not working, I can change it without getting permission from someone higher up. And, when something works it’s the greatest feeling in the world!
2. I work flexible hours.
Realistically, I work more hours than I would if I had a “regular” job, but at least I get to choose when those hours are. I can take time to exercise. I can work super early in the morning or super late at night. I can even take a day off to take my kid skiing. It doesn’t get better than that.
3. I get to help causes close to my heart.
This is a biggie. We’ve all been helped by others and working for myself allows me the opportunity to give back. Last year, because of fundraisers within my business, I was able to donate money to help survivors of Hurricane Yolanda in the Philippines. Just last month, I was able to contribute to a local charity that provides meals and assistance for underserved families in my neighborhood.
Nothing is more gratifying than giving back.
This December 6th (Saturday) I’m hosting a fundraising webinar to support Pencils of Promise and their mission to build schools, educate children and train teachers in the most needed areas around the world.
Pencils of Promise Boys
I am going to run a special version of How to Use Video to Explode Your Writing Career. Now’s your chance to get more ideas on using video to build your platform and grow your audience. I will also showcase Video Idiot Boot Camp so you will be well on your way to video making success.
If you become a new Video Idiot Boot Camp student…

I will donate HALF of your tuition to Pencils of Promise through Dec 31.

And, it gets even better! Online business guru Pat Flynn is going to match every donation made to Pencils of Promise on December 6th up to $25,000! We can make a huge difference!
And just to make sure it’s a win-win, you can take $25 off your tuition with code pencils25.
So, let’s recap:
* You get to learn 10 ways to use video in your writing career.
* You get to save $25 over Video Idiot Boot Camp.
* Half of your tuition goes to Pencils of Promise. That’s $136!
* On December 6th your donation is matched by Pat Flynn. That $272 total for Pencils of Promise.
* I’ll keep donating through the end of the year (but if you enroll by Dec 6th, your tuition will work twice as hard to help kids learn!)
* You get an education in creating your own videos and kids around the world get new schools to complete their education.
It doesn’t get better than that! Sign up to join the webinar here:
Or just click here to BUY IT NOW!
Pencils of Promise Girls
Can’t make it December 6th but still want to participate? You can use still code pencils25 to get $25 off. Half of all enrollments in Video Idiot Boot Camp between now and December 6th will donated to Pencils of Promise.
Won’t you join me?
Click here to help Pencils of Promise:
Or just click here to BUY IT NOW!

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