Time to Celebrate Picture Book Month!

Brain Burps About Books Podcast #246

Time to Celebrate Picture Book Month!

An Interview with Dianne de Las Casas

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BBAB #246 - Time to Celebrate Picture Book Month


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This week my guest is Dianne de Las Casas

Dianne de Las Casas

Dianne and I talk about
  • How Picture Book Month got started.
  • Our own picture book memories.
  • How picture books promote literacy.
  • Elizabeth O. Dulemba’s Picture Book Month Calendar.
  • Marcie Colleen’s curriculum guides for Picture Book Month.
  • How to work picture books in to school curriculum.
  • Free downloads available for Picture Book Month.
  • Following #PictureBookMonth on Twitter.
  • How picture books led Christmas sales last year.
  • This month’s Picture Book Month Champions
  • • Sudipta Bardan-Quallen
    • David Biedrzycki
    • Paulette Bogan
    • Mike Curato
    • Matthew Gollub
    • Julie Gribble
    • Julie Hedlund
    • Carter Higgins
    • Molly Idle
    • Joe Kulka
    • Jennifer Gray Olson
    • Kathryn Otoshi
    • Anne Marie Pace
    • Rukhsana Khan
    • Robin Newman
    • Penny Parker Klostermann
    • Eric Litwin
    • Loren Long
    • Deb Lund
    • LeUyen Pham
    • Matt Phelan
    • Stephen Shaskan
    • Trisha Speed Shaskan
    • TJ Shay
    • Whitney Stewart
    • Holly Stone-Barker
    • Mo Willems
    • Natasha Wing
    • Matthew Winner
    • Paula Yoo

Recent Comments

  • Annie Caldwell
    November 8, 2015 - 5:18 pm · Reply

    Hi Katie and Dianne. Fantastic and super motivating podcast, even more than your usual podcast awesomeness.
    You inspired me to write an article on PBM in my fledgling blog http://www.TheSecretLifeofYourLibrary.com. It will be my second article!
    I wanted to fact check a bit before I publish it. With regard to the history of PBM, you mention the NY Times article from 2011 that said picture books are dead.
    I searched for the article in question, and I’m wondering if it’s this one, written in 2010: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/08/us/08picture.html?_r=0
    Since it’s a whole year of difference, I wanted to fact check a bit instead of just throwing stuff out there. I have just 2 readers now, but since I’m taking Katie’s wise advice to build my email list, I expect that to grow exponentially.
    Also, I got the impression that as a reaction to the NY Times article, Dianne was the instigator and when she mentioned it to you, you co-founded it. There are 3 other authors on the About page as well. Did everyone sign on right away or was it originally just Dianne and Katie? Just being nitpicky because in almost every piece of press ever written about me someone gets an important fact wrong and it drives me nuts. 😉
    Thanks to both of you for sharing this info on Picture Book Month. I’ll share the article link with you when it’s done, of course.
    And Katie, thanks again for your super helpful podcast. -Annie
    p.s. Regarding the fundraising for PBM, how about a PBM illustration contest, and the winner gets to have a product in the Zazzle store? I’d certainly enter. Think of the bonus community interaction aspect of this. (I’m thinking like Katie!)

    • Katie
      November 9, 2015 - 6:16 pm · Reply

      Annie, I know what you mean about press getting stuff wrong, so I appreciate your nitpickyness! Picture Book Month is 5 years old, according to Dianne––I can’t remember that kind of stuff! So that means the article had to have been published in 2010. The one you linked isn’t the same, I’m pretty sure of that. As I recall, the headline was very close to what we said. I’ve alerted Dianne to read your comment, too, so keep an eye out for her response!

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