Cookin' Up a Reader

This looks like a fun idea!

Cook it in a Cup!
Cooking is a fantastic way to get kids reading! Put your child in charge of reading the recipe to you as you make the dish. He or she can also read the labels on the ingredients that you are using. If your child is pre-literate but knows letters, he or she can figure out whether you need the baking powder and baking soda as you make the P sound. Correcting a grownup is always fun, so you might even let them fix your ‘mistake’ when you pick up the wrong one.
My daughter loved her DK cookbook when she was little and still uses it (she’s 16 now!)

When you can get a child helping in the kitchen and feeling like a big kid – you help to raise their confidence and also their motivation to really enjoy books. Getting creative and changing things up can inspire children to get reading!

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