Guest Poet

This is by my fourteen-year-old guest poet today.


Fred’s gone
He’s dead
From lead
He ate lead
Or bled from the head
From lead
He slammed his head on lead
His father is Ned
His brother is Ted
Ted sold Fred’s bed to Stu
Nobody likes Stu
But everyone loves Red
Red is awesome
Nobody messes with Red
Red is better than Fred, Ted, Ned,
or anyone that has a one syllable name that has an “ed” at the end
But too late, Red, Ted, Ned, Ed, and Stu have all been suddenly killed by zombie-lead Fred!

by Benny Davis

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  • Christina
    July 24, 2008 - 5:04 am · Reply

    Red, Ned, Ed, Ted, Fred & 1 other is big on the net and has been for at least a little over a decade.

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