Mabel the Tooth Fairy Strikes Again

Tooth Fairy Sinks Teeth Into Dating World
BEDFORD HILLS, N.Y. (Wireless Flash) — The Tooth Fairy is off the market, but there was a time when
she couldn’t snag a boyfriend. National Tooth Fairy Day is tomorrow (Feb. 28), and holiday creator Katie Davis says the Tooth
Fairy has a lot to celebrate — particularly her romance with The Sandman.
Davis — a personal friend of the tooth taker — says the couple met while working the nightshift.
The Sandman was helping kids sleep and the Tooth Fairy was stealing their incisors.
However, the tooth bandit wasn’t always a man magnet.
Davis explains, “She didn’t have teeth and it grossed other fairies out.”
That’s when she began swiping other people’s chompers and passing them off as her own.
Now that the Tooth Fairy has a full set of pearly whites, Davis says she “keeps stolen teeth on
plaques on her walls.”
Davis herself will celebrate Tooth Fairy Day by flossing, but notes, “Some people prefer to rinse and spit. It’s a personal choice.”

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