Questions About Writer Platforms? Brain Burps About Books Lunch n Learn with Author Katie DavisBrain Burps About Books Lunchn Learn with Author Katie Davis Session 9

Do you have writer platforms questions? Get them answered, live! I’m doing these weekly. They’re called …

Brain Burps About Books Lunch ‘n Learn with Author Katie Davis

It’s a 15 minute Q&A with a children’s author/illustrator and video marketing maven who answers your marketing questions about being an author and building a platform. Katie’s a writer in business helping writers. She has a #1 podcast in iTunes about publishing, and teaches tech-wary writers how to build and strengthen their platforms through video. She coaches writers on social media and marketing, or as Katie calls it, “making friends and meeting people.”
Watch it here and ask questions LIVE!
Here it is on YouTube.
Here it is, um … here:

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