Brain Burps About Books Lunch ‘n Learn 5

Welcome to the Brain Burps About Books Lunch ‘n Learn 5!
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I’m doing this every Wednesday at noon (so the podcast is now publishing on Fridays) LIVE or you can watch here on Google+ and ask questions. If you watch here you can make comments via the Facebook comments app below, but I won’t see them until later.
Here are the questions I was asked and I answered today:

  • How did you get the TV gig on your local news station?
  • What’s the easiest way to create videos for those with no experience?
  • How can I work with you?
  • Can you talk about maintaining a platform *between* books, especially if it takes a while?
  • I’d like to learn how authors use specific platforms: Facebook, blogging, pinterest, Instagram, twitter, etc.


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