100 Things Every Writer Must Do to Succeed Online

Is your summer zipping by like mine? It’s crazy!

One thing I did this past month was get this course ready for you guys. I’m  giving you this course for FREE.

It’s called 100 Things Every Writer Must Do to Succeed Online.


It covers

  •     Creating Your Brand
  •     The Power of Your Domain
  •     Every Writer Needs a Mailing List
  •     Your Facebook Checklist
  •     Author as Entrepreneur
  •     Setting Up To Grow Your Finances
  •     Be a Video Genius
  •     Social Media Checklist
  •     Wordpress
  •     Wordpress Security (after I was hacked recently, I thought this was a very important thing to cover!)

If you want to make sure you’re doing the right things to get your business in order (and like I always say, as a writer you are your business), this is a great course to go through.

You can zip right through this, actually.

Again, it’s totally free––just use this coupon code in the little coupon window when you register for the course:


CLICK HERE and don’t forget to copy the code before you click!

Enjoy the course. I hope it helps and have a great rest of summer. August? Really?Already?!

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