How To Make Money With Pinterest | Melissa Taylor, Savvy Pinterest Entrepreneur

Brain Burps About Books Podcast Episode #139
Today’s guest is  Melissa Taylor, a writer-preneur with, well, I’m not going to tell you how many followers on Pinterest. What I will tell you is to not eat soup when you listen to the show because you’ll do a spit take when you hear the number and then you won’t have any lunch left.

Questions from listeners (links to help you)


In the interview we talked about
  • Pinterest Savvy Rockstars – her really affordable membership group where members get to take advantage of Melissa’s X number of followers (told you, you have to listen to hear how many!)
  • Melissa critiques my boards live (see video below)
  • clever board names or not?
  • board descriptions
  • Melissa’s book, Pinterest Savvy
  • what to pin
  • PicMonkey

As Pinterest is the fastest growing social network ever, growing to 23 million users in late 2012. Successful business, big and small, are using Pinterest to achieve marketing goals, to drive traffic, and increase sales. What’s more, Pinterest referrals convert into more sales than other social media sites. (And don’t you want to take advantage of that?)
But you need to know how to use Pinterest successfully. That’s why Melissa wrote Pinterest Savvy. To help you get started and get savvy on Pinterest.

Melissa’s book, Pinterest Savvy

Pinterest Savvy 3d_coverHere’s the scoop on the book you must read to help your business:
Pinterest Savvy: How I Got 1 Million+ Followers (Strategies, Plans, and Tips, to Grow Your Business with Pinterest) by Melissa Taylor offers you an insider’s look at how she grew to over a million followers and how you can use this this popular social network for your own marketing and sales goals to grow your business.
You’ll learn:
–> How to attract more followers & increase brand awareness
–> How to achieve marketing and sales goals
–> Business-specific strategies
–> Success stories & tactics
–> Secrets from top Pinners
So you can:
– Increase your followers
– Increase traffic to your website
– Convert your traffic into sales and marketing goals

Melissa’s course, Learn to Make Eye-Catching Pins

From Melissa: I’ll teach you to make pins like me, a top pinner with 1.5 million followers who gets hundreds of thousands of monthly page views that come to my site directly from Pinterest.
– Learn basic and advanced editing skills on the free site
– Discover  the 4 essentials of beautiful photos & where to find for free and cheap.
– Find out the structure, basics, and method for making eye-catching pins – pins that will get repins and click-throughs to your website.
– Understand the rules of font pairing.
– Receive pin templates that work.
– Learn the 4 principals of eye-catching pins.
– Plus, much more.
“Melissa Taylor generously shares what she’s learned in practical, easy to follow steps. I’ve attended many education sessions and read countless books and articles and they all share the same theory and elementary information. I always come away disappointed. Not so with Melissa. She’s the first person I have found who knows what she’s talking about and shares it freely. I’ve already seen results with my own pinning strategies and traffic to my sites. Thanks, Melissa! “
– Caroline Golon, High Paw Media 
Thanks for a very helpful product! 
-Joyce Heiser, Living My Retirement Dream
The two hour video series will take you from blah pins like this . . .
. . . to BEAUTIFUL pins like these . . . that get repins, traffic, and sales.

Eye-Catching Pins Videos include:

  • Around 2 hours of incredible content that will transform your images and marketing on Pinterest
  • Ability to create beautiful pins
  • Learn the beginning techniques in the first session and the advanced techniques in the second!
  • Knowledge of font pairing
  • Learn how to create pins that go viral
  • Find out the secret templates that work every time
  • Unlimited replay of webinar video
  • Handouts

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