Okay! Okay! Today I’ll tell you.
We walked into the party and got something to drink, right next to the ice sculpture of a symbol. I saw Seth Rogan talking to someone, and then, as I finally got into the bathroom after waiting in line, I heard everyone out the door say P. Diddy had just walked by. And I saw (big whoop) Dr. Phil.
And then, at about 2am, music started. It was … Joni Mitchell. But it was just an old record of hers. I thought it was kind of an odd choice, despite the fact that I’m a huge fan of hers. But Joni Mitchell to “warm up” for a … (scroll down)
Yes. It was a party at the house of Prince. And yes, it was completely awesome. He played for 90 minutes starting with the Beatle’s With A Little Help From My Friends, went into Crimson and Clover which was just beautiful, and then continued with his own stuff, ending with Purple Rain and 1999. My friend Paula was at the very front (whereas I was a gargantuan 12’ from the little stage) and Prince looked at all the people in the front one by one, and picked her to give his tambourine to. It has his symbol on it, and she carried it around all the next day like a security blanket. It was very cute.
I did meet a guy who works at amazon and got to ask him the burning question all authors want to know, which is how the heck are those ranking numbers figured? He told me it’s by sale, not by book sold. In other words, if one person buys 1000 copies of a book, it counts as one. If twenty people each buy one copy, that’s better, because it’s 20 against 1. It’s a little odd, no?
Will I see you tomorrow, considering I have no more cliffhangers? I hope so!

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