A Great New Review!

Yet another thing has kept me from my daily poetic goal. I do have one written down on a piece of paper somewhere, and I will post it. I’ve guilted myself out soooo much, but well, with family in town and my book debuting in mere hours, I’ve been a tad busy.
OH! I figured out how to upload my video podcast to iTunes! FINALLY. I’ve called it Brain Burps About Books and it will be specifically focused on tutorials. How to read books to kids, how to teach them to draw and write, and more. Any and all suggestions are welcome!
In the meantime, here is a FAB new review for ADDY. I LOVE this:
The Curse of Addy McMahon by Katie Davis. Kids and parents (especially those who “fondly” remember sixth grade) will enjoy this humorous, wholesome journey with Addy, who learns that life is about choices, not curses. “Very clever! The story is engaging, with great characters. The author has done an incredible job allowing Addy to lead the story, but leaving plenty of room for the other characters to be equally rich and offer their views of the events.” If you are looking for a good book for reluctant readers, DEFINITELY check this one out. (HarperCollins Publishers, 2008)

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