Evolution of a Book Trailer Pt 2

Yesterday I covered what I did to make the trailer below for How to Promote Your Children’s Book: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets to Create a Bestseller . Today I’ll go over how I did it.

  1. Wrote script, and timed/edited it by reading aloud ad nauseum.
  2. Recorded scratch audio with my own voice.
  3. Went to archive.org.
  4. Searched for video using keywords matching my target, ie 1950s TV, families, sitcoms.
  5. Downloaded everything that looked interesting, brought into Screenflow.
  6. Extracted audio, and discarded.
  7. Fast forwarded through footage, looking for usable sections, deleting unusable clips.
  8. Often utilized great clips and changed the script to suit. I got very lucky because some seemed to sync perfectly with the audio (see the animation)!
  9. Edited video, adding text and animations (very easy to do in Screenflow, and again, if you want to purchase it, I hope you use my affiliate link!)
  10. Went to istockphoto.com and searched for 1950s type music.
  11. Purchased music used for $17.
  12. Decided I needed a 50’s style font and bought it here for $32.
  13. Finished editing, uploaded it to all the sites I wanted, and voila!

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