How To Set Up a Blog Tour

How to Set Up a Blog TourBelieve it or not, this is my first blog tour! I’m very excited to tell the world about How to Promote Your Children’s Book: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets to Create a Bestseller and thought, “I need a tour!” So how did I set it up to succeed?
(Tomorrow I show you how I made it easy for my hosts.)

Make Your Blog Tour Work

  1. Prepare before notifying. I created a media page here.
  2. Notify. I sent out an email through mailchimp announcing
  3. Reciprocity. I gave a free download of the book to everyone in the book and let them know I was looking for hosts.
  4. Set up dates. I wanted a concentration of dates with a smattering of follow up.
  5. Fun inspiration. I offered suggestions for varying kinds of interviews, but these hosts have some really fun theme days, and I was inspired by that! Each stop will have different things going on.
  6. Prizes! I offered each host a prize for their readers. I’ll be giving away downloads of the book at every stop… if you win twice, you can give your second to a friend!
  7. Reciprocate again. When I list the tour schedule everyone gets some promotion. I’ll also do a podcast episode with a collection of great promotional stories by authors.
  8. Follow up. I’ll make sure to let you know how it works when it’s all done.

My Blog Tour Schedule

Feb 1 – E is for Book
Feb 2 – Banana Peel Thursday
Feb 3 – Creative Spaces
Feb 6 –
Feb 7 – Writing With a Broken Tusk
Feb 8 – Shutta Crum
Feb 9 – McBookWords
Feb 10 – Kerem Erkan
Feb 16 –Elizabeth O. Dulemba
Feb 17 – Fiction Notes
March 1 – 12×12 in 2012
March 2 – Christine Fonseca, Author

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