Last Night's Chat Transcript

If you couldn’t make it, but have a desire to weed through this transcript, be my guest. There were some very cool kids on this chat! I am the one they refer to as Fab Female, aka FF!
eFAB FEMALE said: I’m ff for April – but April ends tomorrow! I plan on staying fab after that, well into May.
ZOEY said: o haha, good idea
ZOEY said: so FF why dont tell everyone about yourself?
FAB FEMALE said: Okay. My name is Katie Davis (as you know, and since I’m a grownup, I get to say my name!)
N.A.N.I_973{ItS aMaZiNg} said: iight
FAB FEMALE said: I have two kids, one is a middle sch girl, in fact, and a son, a budding filmmaker. My daughter is a great writer too.
puppypal said: cool
m1chii said: oh thatsz kool
FAB FEMALE said: I’ve written a lot of books, not all of them good (14 1/2)
N.A.N.I_973{ItS aMaZiNg} said: OoOoOoOoO
FAB FEMALE said: but the one that just came out is great and I love it to death!
ZOEY said: what were your books about?
m1chii said: waht books have you written
FAB FEMALE said: The first 7 are picture books: Who Hops?, I Hate To Go to Bed…Kindergarten Rocks! The novel is The Curse of Addy McMahon.
cOoCiE MoNsTeReT said: fab feamale i write scary stories
FAB FEMALE said: Its about a girl who basically blames a curse for all her problems.
FAB FEMALE said: Cool! Scary stories! love that.
puppypal said: do you only write chapter books?
FAB FEMALE said: Nope.
Asianlala_tigger said: those book seem cool
cOoCiE MoNsTeReT said: i like to write to exress myself
FAB FEMALE said: Also picture books, a YA (unpubbed) and Im working on a graphic novel easy reader.
FAB FEMALE said: that is a great way to express yourself. check this out: the girl in my book writes and illustrates her diary – its a comic book – and she calls it her autobiogra-strip
N.A.N.I_973{ItS aMaZiNg} said: lol
FAB FEMALE said: im going to start a site where kids can go (link?) to make their own.
puppypal said: cool
FAB FEMALE said: You can get a signed copy this week ifyou want – I;m having a big launch party in NYC at Bank Street Bookstore (everyone is invited!) and if you order one from them, theyll hold it for me to sign! I think that’s so cool
N.A.N.I_973{ItS aMaZiNg} said: do u only write books 4 kids
Chelia13 said: did you always want 2 be a writer?
FAB FEMALE said: I never knew it was a job! I thought authors were some lofty species I would never be a part of
Chelia13 said: haha
m1chii said: lol
Chelia13 said: i want 2 be a writer!!
FAB FEMALE said: but I always wrote and drew. and I stunk by the way.
m1chii said: how long dose it take you to write a book
Chelia13 said: lol
Asianlala_tigger said: Fab female do u write any teen book
FAB FEMALE said: you can see how bad I was on my site – go to the info page, and click on sketchbook!
*FabuLus** =P said: has any of your books ever been a best seller?
FAB FEMALE said: Yes! Who Hops? and Kindergarten Rocks!
FAB FEMALE said: In fact, the state of Georgia just bought 80,000 copies of KR to give to every kid going into kindergarten in the state!
Lookie13 said: cool
cOoCiE MoNsTeReT said: i alwaays wanted to be a author
puppypal said: wow
ZOEY said: thats soo aewsome!
FAB FEMALE said: keep writing coocie and you will be.
Asianlala_tigger said: FAb female how long have you been a author?
FAB FEMALE said: since kindergarten.
*kittylover* said: wow!!
FAB FEMALE said: published? for 10 years
Chelia13 said: i rly want to be a writer. i even am starting a book
FAB FEMALE said: good! thats how you do it.
puppypal said: i like writing stories
*kittylover* said: wut would ur advice be if i wanted to write a book
FAB FEMALE said: You just write. and write and write.
ZOEY said: so do you girls have any like specific questions for the FF?
FAB FEMALE said: We call it B.I.C. Butt in chair. You don’t sit and write you won’t get a story!
cheska11 said: did a publisher ever reject any of your stories?
m1chii said: lol
FAB FEMALE said: journals are fantastic to practice your writing – it’s just for YOU
03:11 PM regId: 3674 SaborLatina said: plz
03:11 PM regId: 2180 *kittylover* said: ya did u get a lot of rejections for your story at first FF?
FAB FEMALE said: YES! The book that’s out now – a YA – has gotten 13 rejections SO FAR!!!!
SaborLatina said: lol
FAB FEMALE said: You need a thick skin to be a writer.
FAB FEMALE said: I think Harry P. got rejected 27 times. I bet they feel like stupidheads!
FAB FEMALE said: you guys go here: and watch the book trailer.
cheska11 said: is there a spanish copy available?
FAB FEMALE said: not yet, cheska! sorry!
N.A.N.I_973{ItS aMaZiNg} said: ooooo dats cool
greendayrocks101 said: oooooo awesome!
FAB FEMALE said: I know, right?!
candy women said: well im going to see your book and read one it seems they are interested
ZOEY said: whats the podcast about?
FAB FEMALE said: brain burps about books its called – you can search it on iTunes
FAB FEMALE said: Im doing videos about books.
m1chii said: the tralor waz good and funny
Chelia13 said: funny!!!
Lookie13 said: i love it
FAB FEMALE said: does it make you want to read the book?
Chelia13 said: yeah!
N.A.N.I_973{ItS aMaZiNg} said: yea
FAB FEMALE said: it took me NINE years to write, so I’m hoping so!
candy women said: i loved it its funny
Bubbles123 said: wow!
puppypal said: totally!!!!!
ZOEY said: but haha sadly i do have to wrap up this huge chat… sorrrrry
FAB FEMALE said: okay, Zoey, thank you so much! this was so much fun!
*FabuLus** =P said: thanks for talking to us
*kittylover* said: thanks FF that was awesome
FAB FEMALE said: It was my ppleasure!
Chelia13 said: u r awesome!!!
blue lover said: bye
FAB FEMALE said: bye everyone! you guys rock!

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  • Tarie
    May 1, 2008 - 2:38 am · Reply

    Ooohhh, I am already looking forward to your next YA book and the graphic novel easy reader! Thanks for sharing the transcript!

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