What Would Make it Worth it For YOU?

I have a question for you…
I’m upgrading my newsletter email service and because it’ll require people to do the hassle task of clicking through, I want to offer something amazing and/or exclusive. I’m thinking about doing a video only re-subscribers will have access to…but on what? Keeping in mind I have unpublished, very published, teachers, librarians, and publishing industry insiders who subscribe, what do YOU think would be the ultimate enticement to go through that hassle? (A friend not in kidlit told me to do the “top 3 strategies to get published” but of course, that would be to write a great book! Though I do love the idea of offering an exclusive video … any ideas?) Or do you think a coupon for my store…maybe a $9.99 coupon would be incentive enough?
What would make it worth it for YOU? Please leave your suggestions in the comments!

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