#131 – Making Money in Children's Publishing

In this week’s show you’ll hear

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Susanna Leonard Hill and Julie Hedlund come on to discuss how to create an income stream from various writerly sources! Susanna has her writing course she’s just launched which you can find here
Julie has her 12×12 membership (end of February 2012 it closes to new members so hurry!) and various products and I have products and the Video Idiot Boot Camp I’m tweaking in prep for launch.
We also dive into…

  • how we got into providing these products/services?
  • how we all give MOST of our content away for free.
  • why it’s great to be able to earn income in a business you love, especially when you can’t live on royalties.
  • the balance between “business” and “writing” time.
  • people valuing what they pay for

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