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Brain Burps About Books Podcast Episode #140
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    • Katie
      July 1, 2013 - 5:33 pm · Reply

      As soon as you confirm your email address. 😎 We’ve been sending you a bunch of emails, Diane to this address – I’m so glad you’ve contacted me here, now! When you clicked the BUY button, remember how you were sent to a page that told you you’d receive a confirmation email, and to make sure to click the link in that email? It probably went to your junk folder. If you don’t click that confirmation button, you won’t get anything!

  • Taurean Watkins
    July 8, 2013 - 4:49 pm · Reply

    I so NEEDED this episode when it first went up and have listened to it several times since when I needed a slap to the face without actually doing so, which I have to do when I can’t access a computer (Not often, though).
    It can be hard to feel like you’re in a revolving door of misstep and rejection, and sometimes (At least in the moment of raw anger and despair) it doesn’t feel like rejection is progress, much as I get the semantics of what people mean when they say that.
    As much as we may NEED to fail at times, there just does come a point where you kind of want to NOT, fail and mortality is NO friend to patience. Period.
    But to add something positive to this topic-
    I recently connected with an author who had this awesome campaign on a Kickstarter, it would’ve been a stellar way to promote someone else, whose book ties into my blog’s niché (Animal Fantasy Stories) but she didn’t make the amount she needed, and for those who don’t know, funds via Kickstarter are returned if the max amount requested is not met or exceeded, but I hope she knows there are readers for this book, and I’m one of them, and would love to promote this book to my readers.
    I sadly came the day after the campaign ended, but I wouldn’t have been able to donate the remaining funds she needed, but it would’ve been great cross-promotion for us both, without coming off aggressive on my part, because it’s the “Reciprocity Rocks” effect, right Katie?
    I’ll talk more about this experience on my blog later this week (This was my first [Albeit Virtually] “Met Cute” moment (As you described in ep. 135 of Brain Burps with Tim) with another author who writes what I do, but for a younger readers, and I don’t mean that in a romantic way, she’s married with sons anyway…The best women are always taken if not dead or recently widowed or whatever), but my overall point is that this is the most tangible proof (From my own personal experience) that being active online can make a difference. Sometimes meeting someone with similar dreams and interests is all the encouragement you need.
    While there are times as authors we need to stand alone and work in our proverbial caves, there eventually comes a point where support from peers is important, even if you’re not an emotional beast like me.
    It’s just not always obvious to know when to switch gears.
    Anyway, Take care
    Taurean (Taury)
    P.S: An aside: Hope things are stable more or less on the health front, Katie, it’s so hard not knowing what’s wrong when you know something’s not normal, even if you can’t give a PhD-breakdown of why.
    Though nowhere near as serious, I have eczema and random itchiness makes life complicated in its own ways.
    I’m already impatient, but weird itchy fits can make just sitting still a nightmare some days. I take medicine for it, but it makes me so drowsy I can only stay awake a couple hours after taking it, but if it don’t, the itchy fits return and they’re so bad I can’t eat, sleep, or read. Symptoms detrimental for a writer.
    I took two allergy tests that came back negative, so I need to get another opinion from a dermatologist, but I’m at least glad I’m not allergic to my dog or foods I’d hate to live without.
    It might be more than eczema, but that’s all I know for sure now. Hope I didn’t get to TMI, but just wanted to touch base a little.

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