How One Author Got on the Writer's Digest 101 Best Websites List (Three Times!)

Podcast episode #141
In this episode you’ll hear

  • my newest contributor, Anibal Pacheco, of ITS (Instructional Technology Solutions) introducing us to Plex, an alternative for Google Reader, which is now gonesville!
  • my next newest segment, First Pages! Yep, Rachelle is lending her critique services which she does professionally to the podcast! Check out the guidelines below if you’d like to learn how you can improve your manuscripts and query letters!
In the interview with Rachelle Burk, we talk about
Tree House in a Storm:A hurricane story for children 

My next new segment, First Pages

All First Pages will be critiqued anonymously. Submit them as follows:

They’ll be critiqued for:

    • Title: Is it catchy?
    • Recommended target age
    • Hook: Do you have a powerful, catchy opening that will hook the reader?
    • Rhyme and meter (if applicable): Is the rhyme scheme and meter consistent?
    • Do you “show” rather than “tell”?
    • Dialogue: Is it believable? Is there a good balance between dialogue and action? Are dialogue tags used well?
    • Character Development
    • Illustration considerations: Does the story lend itself to lively and interesting illustrations? Does the story give unnecessary details that can be shown instead in the illustrations?
    •  Miscellaneous: Comments on word choice or sentence structure as needed

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