5 Top Tips for Writers to Build Their Platforms

Here is the new podcast all about marketing for writers (yes, and illustrators). Today’s episode is about the 5 Top Tips for Writers to Build Their Platforms.

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  • Carolyn Carmody
    October 27, 2012 - 11:49 pm · Reply

    Hi Katie—
    I’m a member of CBI and was very happy to find out about you and was also very impressed with your background in children’s literature and your knowledge in social media! Congratulations! I really like your website!
    I am planning on publishing a children’s chapter book in the near future after Laura’s critiques of it (I won’t say how many )and had a question if you don’t mind my asking.
    On your Brain Burp podcast on marketing you mentioned the importance of having a website- and said wordpress was a good option for a website. I have a wordpress.com website to go with my book and wondered if you would mind glancing at it to see what you thought about it. It’s not quite in up and running order yet. (http://www.gonantucket.wordpress.com).
    I was wondering if perhaps you were saying that people should have wordpress.org sites because you can do more with them.
    I stumbled on a site that created a wordpress.org theme for authors. If you go to (http://www.30daybooks.com) and then click on Authorlicious you will see three different packages to purchase a wordpress.org theme. They have just posted some examples of what the site look like at http://www.30daybooks.com/our-top-5-favorite-authorlicious-sites/
    I was wondering if you thought this theme would be a good bet for a person like me who is hoping to publish a children’s chapter book and needs a lot of help with social media and marketing.
    Thanks for your time!

    • katie
      October 28, 2012 - 12:59 pm · Reply

      Hi Carolyn! I’m so glad you found me! And thanks for the compliments on my site. I really appreciate that. As for your question…you may not realize, but this would take a bit of time for me to make sure I give you the right answer, and frankly, I am not a WordPress expert. I know a lot, but not so much I’d want to give you specific advice unless I really did some research. I just know it’s where you need to be, and that a self-hosted site is a much better way to go. That link will lead to a great post on the differences. I address your question more extensively on tomorrow’s Brain Burps About Books:Marketing podcast, by the way. If you have questions about social media and marketing, however, I’m happy to answer them through my podcast or blog, as I like to share the wealth and let lots of folks in on the info instead of just one person. I also started a consultation service after getting so many requests to help that I couldn’t spend time on my work! Thank you again for your kind words, I love reading nice comments like this!

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