Episode #60 – About the Author Jonathan Auxier and His Fantastic Debut

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I love this interview so much I had to post it early. Let’s call it a Labor Day gift. 😎

Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes is Jonathan’s first book – an auspicious debut!

About the Author Jonathan AuxierIn this episode of Brain Burps About Books you’ll hear …

  • me making mistakes because I couldn’t edit this episode – thank you, Hurricane Irene!
  • how I got a new contributor to the show (welcome, Julie Falatko)!
  • Julie’s first review: A Pet for Petunia, by Paul Schmid

You can tell how little I am compared to these guys from the picture below. This is Jonathan with the only person at ALA who was taller: storyteller and librarian extraordinaire, Walter Mayes (who seems to have something growing out of his head, or he is so tall he’s bumping up against the ceiling fixture)

About the Author Jonathan Auxier & Walter Mayes

In the interview you’ll hear …

  • why Jonathan decided to write about a boy who is blind
  • magical rules and how to keep them
  • how he came to write such an adventure
  • you’ll hear excerpts but no spoilers!
  • my prediction for this book
  • Jonathan call me a lunatic
  • me call the Schneider award the Sydney Taylor award which is so obviously wrong
  • the book that most influenced Jonathan in writing Peter Nimble
  • how JAWS relates to children’s books and how I was in the movie
  • why fatal flaws are so important to characters
  • the problem with narrators
  • oh boy, so much more. You must listen!

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