Episode #10 Book Festivals – Live Author Interviews!

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Show Notes

Episode # 10 Subject: Book Festivals
Title: Book Festivals
Guests: Bernard Most, Gail Carson Levine, Bryan Collier, Wendy Mass, Nick Bruel, Wendell and Florence Minor

Wait till you hear what Bernie Most told me about his book, The Cow That Went OINK and how it pertains to persistence! No matter what world you work in, this is a positive message not to be missed. Thank you, Charles Ghigna, aka “Father Goose” for your lovely compliment! Check out his new book,  BARN STORM,  which was originally inspired by a popular Alabama painter who did a piece titled “Twister Hit The Pond.”

Betsy Bird supplied another fabulous exclusive review: Under the Green Hill by Laura L. Sullivan

Celebrate Children’s Book Day a-maaaa-zing. And I asked listeners to submit questions I could’ve asked to the attending authors but didn’t get any! What up, people? Get on the stick! Call and leave a message at 888-522-1929. What good is having that voice message capability if you don’t take advantage of it, huh?

This episode is my first live recorded show – Wendell and Florence Minor, I am so sorry you guys were first and the audio at the beginning of your interview came out really …wrong.

I got to sit next to Bryan Collier. That guy has just a tad of talent. Phew! I spoke to a bunch of people who offered GREAT tidbits of advice, and wrapped up with Beth Vetare Civitello who talks about how they choose who will appear and why some aren’t invited back.

Nick Bruel stopped by at the end and talked about how he came up with Bad Kitty.

Thank you to Grace Bogart of Copperfield‘s in Petaluma, California for giving me The Forest of Hands and Teeth, which I’m going to feature on TV next month. How did this one slip by me? Love and zombies and post apoc – world. What could be better than that?

I want to do an episode where I get booksellers on here to talk about what they do and how authors can support them.

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