Episode #48 – Dear Tabby, a Wise Cat Gives Advice

In this episode you will get to listen to Carolyn Crimi talk about Dear Tabby, her new fab book with illustrator David Roberts
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In this episode you’ll hear about…
Travis Jonker (of 100 Scope Notes) review of The Umbrella

  • my ridiculous mistake in recording this episode
  • Dear Tabby’s advice blog
  • how brilliant we think illustrator David Roberts is
  • what the heck a colophon page is
  • who the editor was that we shared and why we love him
  • why the author needs to let the illustrator just BE and create
  • how I’ve followed my own advice and hired a freelance editor for my eBook
  • perfect example of why we writers need editors!
  • my new version of Who Hops? (as a big book!)
  • how to read aloud a book that is a hard book to read aloud
  • buccaneers and bunnies and Henry & the Buccaneer Bunnies
  • the fab illustrator John Manders and how he unknowingly helped me illustrate Little Chicken’s Big Day
  • seasonable books like Where’s My Mummy?
    and Kindergarten Rocks!
  • Carolyn’s shameful secret of her self-Googling
  • a tip to further promote one’s books
  • Carolyn’s bad sense of geography
  • the two webinars I’m hosting-you can get info on how to sign up for either of them here.

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