#102 – How to Market Self-Published Poetry for Kids

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How do you market a self-published book of  poetry for kids? This podcast interview with poet and social media maven Greg Pincus will explain it all (well, maybe not all) for you!
In the show you’ll hear

In the interview you’ll listen to Greg and me talk about

  • how he’s has been on the internet almost longer than anyone
  • how he got into the big league news
  • how he’s the “father of the fib”
  • poetry
  • his eBook, The Late Bird
  • News for Nerds
  • geek poetry
  • watching your “tone of font”!
  • Google+ and why Greg isn’t as involved with it lately (but he loves the hangout feature)
  • why not to panic that you’re not everywhere online!
  • his and Bonnie Adamson‘s #kidlit tweetchat on Tuesdays, 9pm ET
  • Debbie Ridpath Ohi‘s guide to tweetchats for writers
  • 30 Poems in 30 Days
  • Ken Nesbitt
  • Jack Prelutsky
  • the book I hate that everyone else loves
  • Greg’s oddaptations


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