Learn Scrivener Fast with The Scrivener Coach

Brain Burps About Books Episode #195

How to Use Scrivener: An Interview with The Scrivener Coach

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In this episode I speak to Joseph Nicoletti, aka The Scrivener Coach. He talks about how he went from failed pizza delivery boy to teaching writers how to use Scrivener to make them better writers!
And by the way, if you want to learn Scrivener fast, join Joe and me for a totally free webinar.
Click here, and come watch this webinar where Joe’ll be teaching all this:
1. How To Get Up & Running With Scrivener Quickly.
2. Simple Tricks For Organizing & Working With All of Your Writing Using The Binder
3. How To Export Your Book Into Various Formats Including .Mobi, .ePub, .PDF, Doc, & more.
4. How To Edit & Save Every Single Version of Your Work (Worry Free)
5. A Few Jaw-Dropping Tips & Tricks To Wow Your Peers With 😉
A review from Julie Falatko of Zack Rock’s Homer Henry Hudson’s Curio Museum


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