What Makes a Great Webinar?

A few of my peeps wrote to me, asking if they had to buy something if they attended this (free) webinar I’m doing with The Scrivener Coach.

What makes a great webinar? A great webinar is designed properly if it’s honorable, and everyone benefits: 

  • Attendees who simply want to learn something, will.
  • Attendees who want to get a great deal on what’s being offered, will.
  • The hosts benefit the attendees both by providing real content to those who attend as well as make available a good, solid product to those who really need it.

So you aren’t ever obligated to buy anything. And I never host a program unless you’ll learn a ton. 
Come to this great webinar if you answer yes to any of these:
Are you using Scrivener? 
Do you wish you were using it to its fullest power? 
Have you ever been frustrated by it?
Do you want to make money with eBooks? 
I have said yes to all of those! Then I met Joe The Scrivener Coach. I’m hosting this webinar he’s teachingHrocks on this (not to mention he’s a lovely guy). 
How do I know he’s a good teacher? Because he’s taught me twice! I hired him two different times to teach me on other programs. 
Yes, to be perfectly transparent, after giving you a ton of great content and lessons, he’ll make a super great offer at the end for his course, Learn Scrivener Fast  (which I purchased – as you know I never recommend anything I don’t use myself). 
Again, you don’t have to purchase it to benefit from this webinar. 
Just come to learn about Scrivener if you’re using it and you’re having trouble. If you’re not using Scrivener, come anyway to check it out! Scrivener will make your writing life easier. 
However, if you’re not up for a purchase then don’t buy it! But of course you can come!

No one is obligated to buy anything and this isn’t reverse psychology.

REALLY. I mean this sincerely. Joe is going to teach a LOT in the webinar. 😎
(And by the way, you absolutely can use Scrivener for picture books for layout and storyboarding and notes, etc. It’s pretty cool.)

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