Episode #49 – Be a Space Cadet with Graphic Novels!

In this episode you will get to listen to NY Times bestseller Dave Roman, graphic novel author and illustrator of the new book, Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity
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In this episode you’ll hear us talk about

  • how we “met cute”
  • how Dave proposed via a comic
  • Dave’s talented wife, Raina Telgemeier, author of Smile
  • Comic Life
  • how much of one’s private life does one put in a book and then … what makes it fiction?
  • what international stationary is
  • how and why Dave made Astronaut Academy a manga hybrid
  • how I called Dave’s writing stupid but I didn’t mean it the way it sounded!
  • what a Tactical Randomness Workshop can do for you!
  • Dave’s drawing process
  • different ways to present graphic novels to a crowd
  • Teen Boat! (see the video below)
  • how art school make you insecure whether you go (him) or not (me)
  • how he submits a graphic novel
  • how Dave submits a graphic novel manuscript to an artist
  • pop quiz: when you make no money where do you get the badge of honor, in comics or in children’s publishing?!
  • when does talking to pirates lead to detention?
  • Abby Denson, cartoonist and great songwriter and singer of the funny Teen Boat trailer
  • what’s the youngest graphic novel age range?
  • why graphic novels are so great for reluctant readers


Teen Boat
Temporary Image of Teen Boat!

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