Episode #65 – A New Way to Sell a Picture Book

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Marc Tyler Nobleman is an author of more than 70 books including “Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman,” which received multiple starred reviews and made the front page of “USA Today,” and a 2012 picture book on Bill Finger, uncredited co-creator of Batman. Every book offers two stories—the one in print and the one behind the scenes. His blog shares those latter stories, from research adventures to promotion gambles.

Kevin O'Malley's Spec Cover
Kevin O'Malley's Spec Cover

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Mike Rex's Spec Cover

We also have

  • a review from Julie Falatko of Chris Van Dusen’s King Hugo’s Huge Ego.
  • Here is info about the monthly tweetchat I’m co-hosting: Date: every first Wednesday, Time: 6-7pm ET It’s the first Wednesday of October, and that means it’s time to join marketing powerhouses Elizabeth Dulemba, Dianne de Las Casas and me when we co-host our Tweetchat! We will be discussing book trailers –  everything you always wanted to know but didn’t know you needed to know! Here is the transcript from our booktrailer tweetchat.
  • How to join? I favor Tweetchat.com. You just enter the tweetchat’s hashtag (#kidlitPRChat) once at the top and then just watch the tweetchat fly!

In the interview you’ll hear about how Marc is using his platform to get the word out on his as-yet unpublished (that is, un-bought) picture book and the coverage in many kidlit blogs like

Feedback he’s gotten on the book:
“I think it’s brilliant! He’s probably a pioneer, and we’ll see a lot more books being offered this way. I love it.” – Valerie Hobbs, author
“Now THAT is clever self-marketing.”- Betsy Bird, Fuse #8
“The post is visually compelling, the story he tells is compelling, and the story the book tells is compelling. It’s a trifecta. … Don’t you want this manuscript to get published? I find that I do, both for the story itself and for Marc’s passion.” – Greg Pincus, Happy Accident
“Of course, I would definitely purchase this book for my library, and when it does see the light of day (note that I say ‘when’ rather than ‘if’), I’m sure others will do the same. You truly have a gift for conveying historical information in a way that tells a story and draws in your readers.” – Kristen Monroe, Denver librarian
“I so hope this one gets published! I also thank you for your courage in presenting the idea this way and seeking less traditional ways to get it the attention it obviously deserves.” – writer Julie Hedlund
“I am now totally engrossed in this Thirty Minutes Over Oregon saga.” – Karen Morgenstern, Los Angeles librarian
“Ingenious” – Keri Collins, educator
“Would I add this book to my collection? Without hesitation! … it seems to me that there are several niches this book fits.” – Linda Williams, Connecticut librarian
“We would certainly buy this one.” – Jane Drabkin, Virginia librarian
“Yes – this story would definitely find a home here.” – Marie Girolomo, Connecticut media specialist

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