Episode #82 – How To Promote Your Book

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I’m a day early for this episode because there is so much great stuff in here to hear!

Tour Hosts share their fails, successes, and ideas, so listen up!

  • Uma Krishnaswami direct from India!
  • Chris Cheng talks about python massages
  • Loreen Leedy talks about promoting and making money at the same time here
  • Darcy Pattison talks about creating book trailers with help from this site
  • Editor Deborah Halverson reveals her big fail that happened with her own book
  • Julie Hedlund stumbled upon a great way to pre-promote for the time she gets published
  • Elizabeth O. Dulemba talks about how she’s gotten over 3 million hits on her site in the last 2 years
  • Dan Santat talks about his unique and indy-supporting win-win-win idea
  • Elizabeth Stevens’ gets published authors to tell about their big failures and fakes me out in the interview!
  • Christine Fonseca talks about her greatest…you’ll have to listen to hear!

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