Episode #24 Interview with Lena Roy, Novelist and Granddaughter of Madeleine L'Engle

Interview with Edges author Lena Roy, granddaughter of Madeleine L’Engle!

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Show Notes

Episode #24
Guest: Lena Roy

I give the Cybils panelists my deepest thanks. They read hundreds of books and thousands of pages, and to my own category of fictional picture books, I bow down to the Round I Judges:

Emily Beeson, Homespun Light
Pam Coughlan MotherReader
Travis Jonker, 100 Scope Notes
Natasha Maw, Maw Books
Dawn Mooney, 5 Minutes for Books
Kiera Parrott, Library Voice
Jennifer Wharton, Jean Little Library

Lena and I talk about her first novel, Edges, and what it’s like to be the granddaughter choosing the same career as a revered icon. I got to surprise Lena with a call from Rocco Staino about the induction of Madelaine L’Engle to the NY State Writers Hall of Fame. And we also talked about the fabulous place she teaches writing to kids, Writopia Labs.

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