Live! From ALA!Brain Burps Radio with Dianne de las Casas

ALA has been amazing, which you know already if you’ve reading all my tweets and those of my fellow is radio day as it’s the fourth Monday of the month, at 4pm the show will be on the Robin’s Falls network.

My guest will be writer and storyteller Dianne de las Casas. She is also known for her cloud-tickling high heels, fab jewelry, and gift giving generosity! She arrived at her publishers booth loaded down with lovely trinkets for all. But that’s not what the show will be about.

Since I’m at ALA still, I’m typing on an ipad which I’m finding rather annoying, plus I don’t have easy access to images etc so I will update this entry when return home Wednesday. But tune in today for a fun episode-I will attempt at being coherent, as I’ve not slept in dayzzzzzz…Wait. How do you spell “days” again?

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