NESCBWI Conference Mini Episode #1

The first in my series from the New England Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Conference!
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Melinda Beavers is the talented illustrator who did the NESCBWI logo for this conference.
In this episode you will hear lots! faculty members Janet Fox and Tami Lewis Brown answer the following questions:

  • 1- I was wondering what you did when an author appearance went wrong or hit a SNAFU?
  • 2- How can someone tell if a story is TOO personal. How to generalize it if it comes from a very personal place?
  • Heidi Stemple (Jane Yolen‘s daughter) talks about her first job at the age of four, working for SCBWI

Call in for more answers to your questions! 888-522-1929! Go here to find out who you can ask your questions, and I’ll approach that person and ask for you, but you need to either call in or submit via my contact form!
Check out later today when I’ll have another mini-episode up covering last night’s cabaret, and a conversation with Steve Mooser!

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