Episode #22 Part 2: PodcastAnswerMan Cliff Ravenscraft & Passive Income for Writers

Fave tip: Authenticity and how it relates to success and making money with Cliff Ravenscraft, aka The Podcast Answerman!

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Show Notes

Episode #22
Guest: Cliff Ravenscraft, aka The PodcastAnswerman!

This is a long episode,  and we talked about so much valuable information I split the interview into Part 1 and Part 2.  If you missed last week’s first half, click here, okay? 

In this segment, we talk about…

-How Cliff got a sponsor to pay him $800/month and find out how to get a sponsor yourself, and who you should call
-Suggestions of product sponsorship
-How to record a podcast via phone over Skype for a better audio quality
-Authenticity and how it relates to success and making money 
-How giving away valuable information for free will make you money 
-How to find out what to charge for a sponsorship and get the confidence to ask for a sponsorship
-Yes, I get on my Anyone-Who-Works-With-Children-Get-Paid-Less Soapbox. Apologies.
-Building an audience that trusts you and wants to pay you
-How to be an expert in your field

Note – when we refer to the “Edirol” we’re talking about a digital recording device.

And YAY we have a new Betsy Bird A Fuse #8 Production review of a graphic novel called Ghostopolis by Doug TenNapel.

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