Episode #15 Promotion for Shy Authors

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Show Notes

Episode #15
Subject: Promotion for Shy Authors
Guest: Elizabeth O. Dulemba

-This weekend, November 6th, I’ll be at the Rochester Children’s Book Festival ! Just before that, I’ll be presenting at the local SCBWI group meeting, and then the next day, on November 5th, from noon – 1 pm, 
please join me and Deborah Sloan of Deborah Sloan and Company, (A marketing and promotions firm for books and their creators) for a Twitter chat to discuss all things social media as relating to publishing.
Friday, November 5th from 11-12pm EST, follow our hashtag #RCBF!

Do you want to get very awesome gifts for your loved ones, teachers, kids, and everyone you know? Yes, of course you do. Get a signed and personalized children’s book by one of the authors at the festival – doesn’t even matter where you live! Just click here and you’ll go to the Lift Bridge Books page and they’ll hook you up! You can order online from any book store, but with this place, you’ll get to have signed and personalized (that is, signed to whomever you want!) books! How cool is that?!!!

-Thank you to Kyra Teis for the lovely compliment on the show!
-I talk about Cybraryman – OMG what a web site! It’s a gold mine! I’m definitely going to have to interview this guy.

Click here for Coloring Pages!

Elizabeth and I talk about her Lula’s Brew picture book app…see that picture above? It links to the app if you want it! Also, we discussed how her Coloring Page Tuesdays has increased her list to over 2,000 subscribers! These are great ways for shyer folks to promote books (no whining from non-drawers: you could post weekly writing tips …)

Okay, so the whole episode isn’t about shy people, but we do mention a few ways to get your work out there if you are a quieter type…

I thought if you have my app for the podcast, you’d have access (in the extras) to an exclusive coloring page – but it turns out there is no way to print it (until the next iPhone update), so, duh, me! But you can still get this coloring page made especially for my listeners, so thanks, E!

Elizabeth’s new book, written by Susan Rosson Spain

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