Episode #16 Rochester Children's Book Festival- A Jampacked Blog!

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Show Notes

Episode #16 (even though in the episode I say #15!)
Subject: The Rochester Children’s Book Festival
Guests: Elizabeth BluemleDaniel J. MahoneyMichelle KnudsenVivian Vande VeldeKathleen Blasi  – David Soman


-Don’t forget, former editor and novelist Deborah Halverson will be on next week, so call in your questions to 888-522-1929!
-I talk about a new podcast contest.

And really, the two that need the biggest kudos are Kathleen Blasi and
Elizabeth Falk for organizing and running a flawless event! Thank you Kathleen and Sibby!

I start the podcast in the restaurant the night before the festival. There are cut off conversations, as there always are at a big dinner party! The first person I’m speaking to in the restaurant in Elizabeth Bluemle, talking about her book, How Do You Wokka- Wokka and then, after I scold Jane Yolen for toasting with water, Elizabeth continues talking about her store. It’s a very scattered episode, but kind of fun, I hope, because you get the fly-on-the-wall effect.

Then I move into the car interviews…you’ll hear me doing a bad job of being co-pilot to Dan Mahoney as I try to interview him while he’s driving!  He’s very talented.

Then after the next dinner party, I drive back to the hotel with David Soman, the illustrator of Ladybug Girl. He hysterically funny and we laugh a lot and yes, he’s also talented at driving and being interviewed at the same time.

I did promise the Zen Leaf blog link, so if you want to read about the blogger who was misquoted in the NY Times, click here.

 Mikki Knudsen, who wrote The Dragon of Trelian and I…and no, we are not sisters!

Here is the awesome and fabulous list of authors and illustrators who were there:

  1. Bullet  Mary Jane & Herm Auch – auchbooks.com
  2. Bullet  Susan Williams Beckhorn  – susanwilliamsbeckhorm.com
  3. Bullet  Julie Berry – julieberrybooks.com
  4. Bullet  Elizabeth Bluemle – elizabethbluemle.com
  5. Bullet  Suzanne Bloom  – suzannebloom.com
  6. Bullet  Laurie Calkhoven – lauriecalkhoven.com
  7. Bullet Cinda Williams Chima – www.cindachima.com
  8. Bullet  Bruce Coville – brucecoville.com
  9. Bullet  Mary Morton Cowan – marymortoncowan.com
  10. Bullet  Julie Cummins
  11. Bullet  Katie Davis   katiedavis.com
  12. Bullet  Jacky Davis & David Soman –http://www.ladybuggirl.com
  13. Bullet  Alice Delacroix
  14. Bullet  Elizabeth Sullivan Falk – Elizabethfalkbooks.com
  15. Bullet  Donna Farrell – donnadoodles.com
  16. Bullet  Marsha Hayles – marshahayles.com
  17. Bullet  James Howe
  18. Bullet  Will Hubbell (aka Morgan Howell) – morganhowell.com
  19. Bullet  Sheila Jarkins – www.sheilajarkins.com
  20. Bullet  David Kalvitis – monkeyingaround.com
  21. Bullet  Rose Kent – RoseKent.com
  22. Bullet  Michelle Knudsen – michelleknudsen.com
  23. Bullet London Ladd londonladd.com
  24. Bullet  Jeff Mack – jeffmack.com
  25. Bullet  Matt McElligott  – matthewmcelligott.com/
  26. Bullet  Daniel J. Mahoney – danieljmahoney.com
  27. Bullet  Rafe Martin – rafemartin.com
  28. Bullet  Kate Messner – katemessner.com
  29. Bullet  Charles Noland  – www.drewandellie.com
  30. Bullet  Linda Sue Park – lindasuepark.com
  31. Bullet  Robin Pulver – robinpulver.com
  32. Bullet Kathryn Shay –  kathrynshay.com
  33. Bullet  Mark Shulman – markshulman.info
  34. Bullet  Joe “Silly” Sottile – joe-sottile.com
  35. Bullet  Mark Teague
  36. Bullet  Peggy Thomas – peggythomaswrites.com
  37. Bullet  Larry Tuxbury –   benfranklinstein.com/
  38. Bullet  Sally Valentine – rochesterauthor.com
  39. Bullet  Vivian Vande Velde – vivianvandevelde.com
  40. Bullet  Ellen Stoll Walsh
  41. Bullet Jane Wattenberg – janewattenberg.com
  42. Bullet  Jane Yolen – janeyolen.com

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